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Vzljot JSC has been developing, manufacturing and servicing metering instruments and systems since its foundation in 1990. During 20 years of the dynamic development of the company, over 2 million instruments were manufactured to be implemented in 23 countries throughout the world.
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Since 1990 in the flow market:

  • over 2,000 employees
  • over 20,000 customers
  • over 30 subsidiaries
  • over 16,000 sq.m. manufacturing facilities

Among our customers:

  • governmental entities
  • public utilities enterprises
  • water supply and sewerage companies
  • power plants
  • heat suppliers

Vzljot headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in the city of St.Petersburg, Russia. They are comprised of the state-of-the-art workshops, laboratories, calibration facilities, R&D department, customer support and repair services and management offices and measure up to 16,000 sq.m. in area. Several test rigs installed on the premises allow to provide accurate meters' calibration and to conduct the multi-level testing of the products.

Vzljot employs over 2,000 employees each being qualified and experienced in his area of expertise, which ensures that our products stay on the cutting edge of technology and are kept up to our customers' satisfaction.

We provide a comprehensive line of time-tested products and solutions for residential and industrial measurement and automation. For the international partners, our product portfolio includes:

AFLOWT MF magnetic flow meters, AFLOWT BUF battery-operated ultrasonic flow meters, AFLOWT UF-MAKRO battery-operated ultrasonic flow meters for large pipes, AFLOWT UF-PORT portable ultrasonic flow meters, AFLOWT UF stationary ultrasonic flow meters, AFLOWT LV ultrasonic digital level gauges.

At present, the factory has a yearly production capacity of over 150,000 ultrasonic and magnetic flow meters.

With multiple subsidiaries and representatives all over the country and abroad (over 30), Vzljot JSC is totally dedicated to catering to your needs in precise flow measurement and control solutions. To stay close to our customers, we take active part in domestic and international exhibitions and fairs as well as organize various seminars and provide free-of-charge personnel training.

Since 2001, all Vzljot JSC facilities operate using ISO 9001 principles of Quality Management and Assurance. OIML international certificates are also available.